Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club Donations

Monetary donations are needed to pay for Aelpler Gruppe Events and to maintain and pay for the building and grounds upkeep. Types of donations are listed below. 

Memorial Fund:  The funds donated in someone’s name go toward the building fund to add to the upkeep and maintenance of the Swiss Park. The family will be notified of the contribution made in the person’s honor.  

Building Fund:  Funds specifically for building projects at Swiss Park.

Schwingfest Donation:  Funds to purchase and contribute to expenses of putting on the event, prizes to wrestlers, etc.

Event Donation:  Funds to offset our event costs such as for payment of music, food, decorations, other items specifically toward an event.  You can note to which event you would like to contribute.

Other: General Contribution or Specified Contribution

To make your donation online, please fill out this form and pay online.

If you would like to donate by check, please print and complete the form below and mail both the form and check to:

Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club Att. Donations
5911 Mowry Ave.
Newark, CA 94560 

Thank you for your support.

Online Donation Form

    When you click on Submit, you will be taken to PayPal where you can enter the amount of your membership fee. You can either use a credit card or pay through PayPal to complete your transaction. 

    Aelpler Gruppe Donation Form

    Aelpler Gruppe Donation Form

    Memorial Fund and other Monetary Donations. For the memorial fund the family will be notified of the contribution made in the person’s honor.   Thank you for your contributions.


    Name __________________________________________________

    Address ________________________________________________

    City/Zip ________________________________________________

    Home phone ____________________________________________

    Cell phone ______________________________________________

    Email __________________________________________________


    Type of Donation                                                                             Amount


    _____    Memorial fund                                                                    ——————-

    In memory of     ____________________________________________

    _____  Building fund                                                                               ——————- 

    _____  Schwingfest contribution                                             ——————- 

    _____ Other donation, specify:                                                      ——————-


    Total Contribution                                                                                      ____________

    Specify any added information or comments:


    Please print and complete donation form and send to :

    Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club, c/o donations, 5911 Mowry Ave., Newark, CA 94560  

    If you like to use Venmo for your payment, please indicate it in the form. Thank you.