Board of Directors 2024

Board of Directors 2024

President Arnold Ambiel 510-936-2523 (USS Delegate)

1st Vice Pres Marilyn Ramsell Manchester 

2nd Vice Pres Hugo Reichmuth

Recording Secretary Monica Ulrich 

Corresp. Secretary Kathi Mathys-Imholz

Treasurer Margrith Reichmuth 

Assistant Treasurer Michelle Ott



Director 1 Patricia Wipfli-Schaffarczyk 

Director 2 Karen Dobbel 

Director 3 Rose Satariano (Newsletter editor) [email protected]

Director 4 Darrell Ramsell 

Director 5 Dominick Reichmuth

Sennenvater Pete Zuger 

Past President Kurt Clausen 

Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club Board of Directors Meetings

First Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.